The intrinsic value of a book

I hate to say it, but books are a dying breed. Technological advancement with computers, social media, ebooks, and the internet, has allowed our society to grasp any type of information in seconds. The concept of sitting down to read a book or a newspaper to get information or even a story just simply is a foreign idea. No one has the time to step away from their information-laden smart phones or their social media apps and spend the time to read a book cover to cover. A friend of mine that is twenty-one years old just recently completed the first novel she’s ever read. Libraries are now places to bring your computer to work quietly, not places to graze bookcases with book-heavy arms. Books are just not the valuable knowledge commodity they once were, and are seldom sought after.

This can be changed.

There is a book out there for everyone, and I mean everyone. There is not a single person I have met yet that I haven’t been able to find a book for. Recommendations come easily to me. My hunger for words and knowledge have allowed me to transverse genre boundaries and broaden my expertise on all things bookish. I wish to share this knowledge with you, to pass along the passion I have had since I first picked up my brand new edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at age four. There is so much that can be found between the pages of books: action, adventure, mystery, science, philosophy, cultural memory, history, an escape, but mostly stories that need to be told and deserved to be heard. If you are interested in any of these, or even if you’re not, I encourage you to join me on my journey through my constantly evolving bookcase and see what can be found.


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